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Cliche With A Twist is a universe formed with the aim to create a better future for all. Humans, Animals and the Environment.
An initiative to bring together like minded Individuals, Corporates and NGOs that thrive to bring progress in the world by contributing towards Social Impact in their own unique ways.


Hey everybody! My name is CWATY.
I am a first of a kind Virtual Animal Influencer for Animal Welfare!
I donate 100% of my profits to animal NGOs in India.
Together we can bring about a new era of welfare for animals!


Charity With A Twist:
Charity is now FREE, FUN & REWARDING.
A social media and chatting platform that lets you raise funds for your favourite NGOs without spending money from your Pockets.
On CWAT, get rewarded for doing Good.


Celebrating Excellence in Philanthropy is an event that aims to honor senior philanthropists and encourage & felicitate young philanthropists in the field of animal, human and environmental welfare.

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